FPGA Hardware’s Superior Hashing Power! There. Is. Nothing. That. Comes. Close.

Veritas Mine With Such Expertise That Our FPGAs Return 15 x A GPU. For 7 Months Xenium Is The Only Mining Token Making Good Profits & Growing During The Long Bear Market, Paying 7 Dividends In A Row.


Veritas Is Currently Crowdfunding A Rapid Expansion Of Their FPGA Mining Operation, Collocated At The Huge Veritas Facility. Currently Mining With Over 400 Custom-Built & Immersion-Cooled FPGAs, And more being added Every Month. An Opportunity To Own The Mining Rewards Of Such A Superior Operation, For Life, Is Rare. We Are Also Piloting Our Solar Project, Which Promises Clean Power For Mining, At 2.7c kWh, By Q4 2019.

Veritas sources direct from China with custom build algorithms & super-charged FPGAs, for just US$1200. Xenium is also the only Tokenised operation with the skills & experience to know how to run FPGAs, optimally at scale, delivering withering profitability compared to GPUs & ASICs.

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.. did not make it by luck, overnight, as it was portrayed by the media. They all had skin in the game for many years. So, how long did it actually take them to become crypto-rich?

Early adopters who bought Bitcoin in 2013 became very wealthy after holding at least 4 years. Ethereum also made millionaires, as did many others the same way. The common thread is all crypto-millionaires began as early investors, and then held for many years. Here are the Winklevoss twins who invested $11m in bitcoin, waited for 4 years and guess what - they are billionaires now!

Future Of Opportunities In The Mass Adoption Of Digital Assets

To early investors, XENM already feels like one of those rare ‘bitcoin’ opportunities. Rapid hardware expansion, driven by a high monthly re-investment strategy, means that our operation will be packing a minimum 32 times its current hashing power, per token, by its 5th trading year. That’s 32x more income, per token. Again, 32 times more mining power resulting from The compounding of our expansionary hardware reinvestment (calculated at bear market prices) - or 32x the divs, paid monthly.

What Opportunities Exist In The New Digital Asset Market For Xenium?

Xenium’s operation is an evolution - the second iteration of Veritas Mining Company’s innovative, crowdfunding concept. Developed with a year of operational data and insight gained from running their first ICO - through Xenium - Veritas raises the bar even higher, taking cryptomining to a whole new level. More specifically, by venturing into immersion-cooled, custom-built FPGA rigs, as well as solar power generation, Veritas simultaneously create significant opportunities to slash operating costs even further, by making their own energy for mining, whilst using super-efficient hardware. FPGAs also offer such great flexibility, that they can easily switch to very profitable hosting, should any change to proof of work in crypto reduce operating profits below what hosting would return for the same period. This is a very future-proofing feature of our business model. Further, collocation at the existing facility, also allows for rapid deployment of hardware/funds, and creates beneficial synergies. Look below at the net profit reinvestment curve. Xenium has created many opportunities for the future.

Xenium is a hybridised digital asset, tokenizing crowdfunding with traditional growth investment. By offering passive capital appreciation, profit sharing in monthly dividends, plus, the real potential for unparalleled growth and an extraordinary ROI - unique to early adopters - we aim to appeal to all, from seasoned crypto investors, to bank savers and first-timers, by paying passive returns which are comparable to traditional share investing, that comes with a plausible future of extraordinary returns.



On-site Solar Generation - Currently at 0.158mW. headed towards 0.796mW.

Solar hardware is IMPORT TAX FREE for 5 years.

Unbeatable Power Costs Of 2.7cents/kWh Will Be Available For Mining Ops By 4th Quarter 2019.

Security Token Offerings - A Sign The Digital Asset Class Is Maturing

All investments involve risk - even savings banks - and promise a return for lender’s capital. Early crypto crowdfunding, via ICO, didn’t raise much, and issued utility coins without financial value or returns, more for the support than as a serious return on investment. However, with the CEO’s investment banking background, Veritas always believed that a successful crowdfund must offer returns. It’s why our hybrid security token profit-shares with investors, incorporating key incentives of growth investing, offering:

  • Capital Gains: The opportunity to own an appreciating asset or sell at exchanges

  • High ROI: Super-efficient. Re-investment strategy to rapidly increase hash rate/profits

  • Residual Income: Future-proofed & offering lifetime profit-share to token holders

Delivering on all of these goals, long term, demands an operation to be profitable in all market conditions, and in the most difficult times. Remarkably, from the very start, Xenium has paid dividends every month, ranging from 5-20% annualized ROI, all made during a Bear Market that wiped out most other mining ICOs, causing massive losses to giant, mining farms as well. We are future-proofing climate change, with a solar farm generating our power. This reduces the cost from 6.3c kWh, to just 2.5c kWh, and without power cheaper than ours available to any competitor, the future, and our profitability, is bright & sunny.

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APRIL 2019 = 0.00000335 ETH/XENM

USD PER 1000 TOKENS = $0.56 (ETH = $166)

Cumulative Returns: 0.00003913 Ethereum Per Xenium Token

Interview With Jeremy Tan, CEO & Founder Of Veritas Mining, On Crypto, Mining & Xenium.

DYOR To Determine Whether Investing In Our Token, For Passive Monthly Income, Is Right For You

We invite you to do your own research, crunch the numbers and check out our community before you decide whether or not to invest in our rapidly expanding operation boasting a track record of unmatched profitability made under bear market conditions. And with dividends paid for the first seven months of operations, Xenium promises capital growth, an increasing ROI & passive income for life.

Funds Allocated To Hardware Purchasing From Re-Investment

Future-Proofing By Expansion: Re-Investment Strategy Currently At Maximum 50% Of Net Profits

Earn A Big Referral Commission of 7%, With 3% To New Investors